Kristen LaMarca, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristen LaMarca Sleep Medicine Doctor San DiegoKristen LaMarca, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and associate of IISHC. She received her degree from the California School of Professional psychology and specialized in health psychology and applied psychophysiology. Dr. LaMarca has worked within a variety of inpatient, outpatient, and research settings in San Diego, and treats a diverse range of psychological issues. She focused her post-graduate training on integrating treatments for sleep disturbances and chronic pain in an underserved population with mental and addictive disorders. Dr. LaMarca holds special interests in consciousness and mind-body medicine, particularly related to sleep.

“My approach to enhancing sleep health is highly personalized while using evidence-based treatments and emphasizing the biological aspects of sleep and stress. I understand the feelings of exhaustion, frustration, and helplessness that can accompany sleep difficulties, and how this can worsen stress and impact one's work, physical health, relationships, or other important areas in life. I strive to meet my clients right where they are at to help them form a healthier relationship with their sleep. I often integrate complementary approaches to CBTI, such as mindfulness and biofeedback, to help build the self-regulation and stress management skills needed for healthier sleeping and living. When nightmares or other unpleasant dreams are impacting sleep or well-being, I integrate Imagery Rehearsal Therapy and Lucid Dream Therapy to help my clients develop a mindset that restores a sense of control, peace, and mastery in their lives.

~ Kristen LaMarca Ph.D.

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