Mindy Cetel, M.D.

Dr. Mindy Cetel Sleep Medicine Doctor San DiegoMindy Cetel M.D.is the Founder and Medical Director of IISHC. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and is board certified in both Sleep Medicine and Neurology. Dr. Cetel has been practicing Sleep Medicine since completing a Sleep Medicine fellowship at Stanford in 1991. Dr. Cetel has studied integrative and holistic health modalities.

“Insomnia is a symptom. It is an endpoint of a person’s entire psychological, biological, environmental and social milieu. An interesting aspect of insomnia is that regardless of what started it, the causes that perpetuate it are often entirely different. Without intervention, insomnia may self-perpetuate for decades. Frustration, resignation, and sometimes depression can set in. “When a person experiences difficulty sleeping it is not uncommon for them to wonder if they have a hormonal or chemical imbalance. In reality, the cause of insomnia is almost never as simple as any single chemical factor”.

“One may lay awake in bed with a sense of “racing thoughts” and wonder what is wrong with them. This may simply reflect the fact that they are trying to sleep when their internal clock is telling them it is time to be awake. The racing thoughts may not actually be keeping one awake, but rather are a manifestation of the void created by a sleep timing mismatch. These causes are not obvious, as one’s subjective experience of the problem may not reveal the true cause of it”.

“Only a careful analysis can begin to sort through these issues. Even once this is recognized, the solution may not always be easy to implement on one’s own. Treatment needs to be customized to each person’s unique situation. Issues which must be considered include medical, psychological, environmental, social, factors. After gaining a better understanding of their problem, treatment options need to be discussed. Personal preferences need to be understood and respected in tailoring a treatment plan. Support and follow through are necessary. Unfortunately, there is typically not a quick fix for chronic insomnia. Yet, effective treatments are available”.

“Medications, herbal agents and supplements, may be of benefit. There are positive and negative aspects which need to be discussed. Sometimes changing a medication, or its timing, may be helpful. An important aspect of treatment typically involves optimizing sleep timing, to reduce the frustrating experience of inability to sleep. Activity levels, coping strategies, time management skills, relaxation modalities all may be of benefit. Understanding the insidious role of conditioning in the maintenance of insomnia is helpful. This leads to logical and proven strategies to de-condition the problem. It is my goal to listen, analyze, recommend and follow through, to assist each client and respect their unique circumstances and preferences”.

“After more than 25 years of working with people suffering insomnia, it is still an engaging and highly meaningful line of work. It would be my honor to be able to help you”.

~ Mindy Cetel, M.D.
Fellow, American Association of Sleep Medicine

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